Kingsthen Malcolm Jordan van Dijk (born November 17th, 1993) better know by his stage name K-Jordan (also known by the name TheKingKJordan) is a rapper, singer and songwriter from The Netherlands (North-Holland, Alkmaar) creating Dutch and English songs. K-Jordan is an independent unsigned artist who recently launched his own movement called CTBF (Closer Than Blood Family). CTBF consists of: K-Jordan himself, rapper Shandar, rapper Bowwss, singer/rapper Ginio, rapper Wenny J, singer/enigneer FlowAdict and beat producers Keemsta Beatsz and Goddamnit Beatz.


At the age of fourteen he began writing lyrics and started rapping them. He started to expose them to the world in 2006, when he came in contact with rappers Erkan-D and K-No of the Alkmaar rap formation AMD. They taught him a lot about making music and offered him his first opportunity to capture his lyrics on a beat. They clearly saw the talent within him and made him and rapper Shandar (with who he started rapping with from the start) officially a part of the rap group ”AMD”.

In 2009 after an educating time working with AMD, K-Jordan chose to leave the group to be an independent artist, because he felt like he didn’t fit in no more and couldn’t expand his talent to the fullest. After he chose his own path, he kept on working with them but then as an independent artist. From then K-Jordan has had several appearances on small and large venues like: Bobs (Uitgeest), Waerdse Tempel (Heerhugowaard), Poppodium Victorie (Alkmaar), LUA (Beverwijk) and Paradiso (Amsterdam).

In the meantime, K-Jordan was continuously busy with refining his flow and lyrics, and have been busy recording solo tracks, but also new collaborations with Joey New, Rakimster and many more.

Early 2013, K-Jordan dropped his first official music video called Liefdesvisie in collaboration with Shandar on the first verse. This video has been shot by Bastiaan Knol. After a delay from almost a year after dropping the teaser, the video reached about 1000 views in the first week. This song is originally from the CTB EP called ”CTBBG Presents: Closer Than Blood” which was the first project dropping from the Closer Than Blood duo in 2012.
As said, K-Jordan was silent for quite a while and that wasn’t for nothing. A short while after dropping Liefdesvisie, on the 1st of August, K-Jordan dropped his first solo mixtape called Beastmode with various artists featuring on it like: Bowwss (CTBF-member), Shandar (CTBF-member), Joey New, FlowAdict, Rakimster, Rambo, P.Moody, Sheisty Saf and many more.

Shortly after dropping Beastmode, KJ got invited by well-known radiostation FunX to do an short interview and perform a song as promotion for his mixtape at the Talent Of The Week Weekend Wax hosted by Riza (known from hosting FunX and from the music video ”Ik en Ali-B”).

A short while before the invite from FunX, the CTB duo started not only consisting out of K-Jordan and Shandar, but KJ started expanding and turned it into a real team. From then CTB was history and became the Closer Than Blood Family. Now the crew has rappers, singers, beat producers and their own engineer behind the mixing and mastering. Around November 2013, CTBF dropped the official debut music video called B!tch STFU whose beat is produced by one of the crew their very own producers Keemsta Beatsz.

Nowadays except making dutch tracks, K-Jordan has put his focus more on going international. In the last past year he has recorded more english songs, especially after meeting rapper DimaNyte (known from the Dutch television show ”Holland In The Hood”) and FlowAdict (Reggaeton artist and member of CTBF).

Besides perfecting his own music, he’s helping crew-members Bowwss, Wenny J and Ginio to do the same and grow more into the artists they can and are destined to be.

The plans for the future are even more music, more music videos, more shows and more featurings.

In the summer of 2015, K-Jordan has announced a new dutch mixtape named ”Empire”. His latest singles ”In Me Zone”, ”Ik Ben On”, ”Weekend”, ”#DWID (featuring Bowwss)”, ”Je Zei…”, ”Snitch Niggas (featuring Dizzy)”, ”Troon, Kroon, Microfoon” and ”Ride Or Die” will be featured on the tape. He also dropped the first music videos of the Empire Mixtape: ”Ik Ben On” and ”Snitch Niggas” but due to certain circumstances they have been removed from Youtube. 

Further release dates will be announced later this year.